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"Your little contribution can help to sustain the library in a remote village of Bangladesh"

"Masud Parves Library" is a non-profitable, non-political, voluntary, charitable, social, knowledge and information center for the people of Atulia union under Shyamnagar thana of Satkhira district, Bangladesh.

The library is working for social development by providing educational and learning opportunities to disadvantaged children and a socialization space for rural people. We believe quality education cannot be achieved by putting students in pressure but by creating something interesting in education. Therefore, different types of educational and social events have been organized by the library among the students to increase their interest in education. The library considers each learner as important, and believes in differences, but not deficiencies. We are trying to meet those deficiencies by providing educational and financial support to the students in need of the village. It’s a combined effort of friends living around the world.


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