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"Your little contribution can help to sustain the library in a remote village of Bangladesh"

"Masud Parves Library" is a non-profitable, non-political, voluntary, charitable, social, knowledge and information center for the people of Atulia union under Shyamnagar thana of Satkhira district, Bangladesh.

The Atulia Union is located at the north eastern part of the Shyamanagar thana under Satkhira district with the total area of 41.01 sq. km. Total population of Atulia union is 30152 in which male are 15190 and female are 14962. In the union, there are 31 educational institutions in which 21 primary schools, 8 secondary schools, and 2 colleges. According to population census, in 2001 the literacy rate (7years and over) for the union was 44.59% for both sexes, 54.20% for male and 34.93% for female. The contextual setting of the union like location in the southern part of Bangladesh made it a deprived area in comparison with the other regions of the Bangladesh. Again, disasters like floods and cyclones are very common in this region. Thousands of people remained water clogged in Shyamnagar Upazilla of Satkhira in the aftermath of Cyclone Aila's rampage through Bangladesh. Several thousand homes were washed away while numerous agricultural lands and crops were damaged by the tidal surges in low-lying coastal areas and on offshore islands in the Bay of Bengal. Many donor organizations and local NGOs are working for those affected by the disaster by providing shelters, food, relief etc but none of them are working for education.

Therefore, "Masud Parves Library" is trying to provide educational logistics to the students and information to the villagers aiming to achieve a stable economic development to cope with the contemporary world.


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